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Effective communication improves every relationship. Imagine how it will transform your business.


Conscious Workplace Communication

Why BCC?

How we speak with, and listen to, each other is crucial to strong workplace relationships and engagement - between peers, between managers and their reports, and how executives speak to their staff, peers, and partners. And in an age of remote and hybrid workforces, strong communication skills are more crucial than ever.

Through assessment, workshops and coaching, I provide you and your team(s) the tools to better initiate and facilitate real-time conversations. Together, we'll tackle a myriad of corporate challenges:​

  • Steer disagreements into constructive dialogue and innovation (versus destructive conflict)

  • Develop alignment amongst the executive team and partners

  • Hone feedback skills (receiving and delivering)

  • Attract and retain top talent

  • Raise employee satisfaction and engagement through increased workforce psychological safety

Bright Modern office scene. Two men are sitting in office chairs while talking to a woman who is standing.
Team meeting in a bright modern conference room.

Effective communication requires practice and accountability. While many organizations invest in values assessments, Diversity Equity & Inclusion work, change communications, and leadership training, the outcomes are generally short-term awareness. Our work together is not a replacement for the aforementioned training, but rather to complement their outcomes long-term through coaching.

My process:

Developing and honing effective communication skills is a lifelong pursuit. My purpose is to facilitate that pursuit through active listening skills, team workshops, and one-to-one coaching. The return-on-investment in our partnership is your increased employee engagement, satisfaction and retention rates; increased individual and team development; by building a safer place to work.



I Help Change the Way You Communicate at Work.

Team-Based Communications Workshops

  • Effective Communication Training: from micro aggressions to conflict resolution - includes six, weekly 1-hour sessions for teams of up to 10.

  • How to Deliver and Receive Feedback/Reviews workshop - includes 1-hour intro for full group, and three, 1-hour weekly individual follow-up sessions.

  • Safer Space Policy development -includes pre-session interviews, 2-hour development session, and a 1-hour follow-up session.

1-on-1 Coaching Sessions

  • Management and executive development coaching.

  • Free introduction and assessment session (where we discuss challenges, goals, etc.)

  • A package of six, 1-hour weekly or bimonthly coaching sessions.

  • Ongoing, 1-hour monthly check-in sessions, as applicable.

  • Quarterly reviews of feedback and additional goals, as applicable.

Conflict Mitigation & Management Coaching

  • Includes 1-3 hour assessment, after which coaching recommendations will be determined by the degree of conflict.

  • Accountability and Conflict Resolution Process development (in conjunction with Human Resources, as applicable).

Please note that all workshops and coaching sessions are available online and in-person. Please enquire for costs.

Because every workplace has different needs, I facilitate introductions to partners who can strategize, develop and implement various nodes of Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice work (or Belonging, Dignity, and Justice) with your organization; as well as to career coaches who hold a breadth of lived experience as it relates to your workforce, today and tomorrow.



Effective communication is the key to every healthy and productive relationship.

My clients are individual employees or executives; teams within cooperatives, agencies, and small to medium-sized businesses; and entrepreneurs. You value people over profit, with an end goal to create a safer place to work for everyone - whether that’s remote, on-site or a hybrid.


You recognize that your most important customers are your employees - when they feel physically and mentally safe, it fosters an affinity for your brand, which your partners, vendors, and end customers feel, too.


My mission is to help make every workplace a safer place to be - more honest, more accountable, and moving toward genuine equity. Together, we’re building improved workplaces with better communication - from the CEO to the intern, to the cleaning staff.

Office Coffee Break in a bright office with lots of tall windows.
Stand-up Meeting with people surrounded by plants.

I am a communications specialist and coach.

Over the course of my 20-year career, I developed global expertise in brand strategy and messaging, public relations, internal communications and employee engagement, and crisis communications across various industries. In 2016, I achieved my designation by the Worldwide Association of Business Coaches (WABC).


Combining my experience as a writer, communications strategist, and leadership coach, my professional mission is to help organizations transform into safer and more inclusive workplaces through effective communication, and both individual and group accountability.


As a trauma-informed coach, my personal passion is leveraging communications and community action to move toward dignity and justice for all living beings across the lands we call Canada.



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